Here’s why you’ll Fall in Love with DESIGNME’s New Stylist Trio

March 23, 2023

Inspired by the DESIGNME brand’s community of professional stylists, this limited edition set consists of three essential finishing products to add volume, texture and hold. So, whether you’re opting for effortless tousled waves or a romantic up-do, this exclusive set has your styling needs covered!

The 3 Products Included in the Stylist Trio

In the stylist trio, you’ll find the top 3 products from DESIGNME’s PUFF.ME and HOLD.ME line. Each product is vegan, animal cruelty free, paraben free and sulfate free. These are truly safe and environmentally friendly products that you will love to use to style your hair.

The PUFF.ME Volumizing Powder is the first product developed in the line, and it is one of the favorites at Beauté Star. This powder is usually applied at the roots to add volume, texture and hold. It serves as a great base for buns, braids or any other hairstyle.


For example, to make it easier to create a bun, you can apply PUFF.ME Volumizing Powder after making your ponytail. Instead of having very slippery, hard to manage hair, the product will add an easy-to-handle texture. It’s the perfect foundation for any hairstyle! 


Here are some other reasons to love it:   

– Adds instant volume 

– Does not contain talc

– Gives roots an instant, long-lasting lift  

– Doesn’t smell 

The PUFF.ME Dry Texture Spray will be your best friend! You can use it every day at home or in the salon. It gives you gorgeous volume and a casual texture that is invisible to the naked eye.


If you’re looking for effortless, tousled waves, just spray on this spray and you’ll have a beautiful texture. You’ll also appreciate it for its non-sticky effect. Furthermore, this product doesn’t distort the hair, quite the opposite! It keeps it manageable and makes styling easier.


Here are some other reasons to love it:   

– Provides UV protection  

Does not give hair a crunchy effect  

– Provides light, long-lasting hold  

– Adds instant volume 

HOLD.ME is a hairspray with adjustable hold that offers three levels of hold for luscious hair. Simply twist the tip to change the hold: light, medium or heavy.


For example, if you’re making beach waves and want it to be very bouncy to the touch, go for a light hold. If you need a base before you make your waves, go with a medium hold. If you want to have a very smooth ponytail, go with a high hold. In short, you have plenty of choices to meet your different hair needs.


Here are some other reasons to love it:   

– Tames frizz and flyaways  

Protects against humidity  

– Provides UV protection  

Gives long-lasting control without a crunchy effect  

– Adds volume and shine

Can be used on all hair types 

Hairstyle Tutorial

Each set gives you exclusive access to a spring up-do tutorial, created and instructed by DESIGNME Artist, Emma (@_emmaco_).


Happy hair styling session! 

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