Manicure Ideas for the Holidays

December 13, 2022

The holiday season is one of the times when we like to dress up. For a great look, don’t neglect the manicure! Here are some perfect manicure ideas to complete your look and make others jealous at your Christmas dinner. You’ll even find the OPI nail polish colors you need to achieve each of these looks! 

Minimalist Manicure

A minimalist look is always a winner! Beaded colors in shades of cream are mainly part of the current trends! By opting for this style, you can be sure that your nails will match any outfit.


OPI’s Snow Holding Back nail lacquer is more than perfect to achieve the most successful minimalist look.


Why not put some pretty snowflakes on your nails for the holidays? To achieve this festive and winter look, you can choose any color you like. However, if you often wear gold jewelry, we recommend that you adopt a monochromatic look!


For example, you can opt for OPI Sleigh Bells Bling nail polish, a blazing gold, perfect for your Christmas party! 


This style is very similar to the french manicure, just add some pearls! This little unique touch will make your manicure more original, while remaining subtle. You can easily wear it during the end of year celebrations, but also, during the whole winter period!


To achieve a beautiful french manicure, we recommend using a classic white, like OPI’s Strong as Shell.

Christmas Gift

This year, there will be gifts under the tree and on your nails! To avoid having a busy manicure, do a French look or apply an even coat of polish to the rest of your nails. This will also show off your pretty Christmas gift designs.


For the most festive look, we recommend OPI Rhinestone Red-Y, a bright, shimmery red nail lacquer


This look is both festive and trendy! The idea is to apply a fairly neutral base color and add diagonal shades in holiday colors!


For a successful manicure, we recommend combining OPI Tealing Festive, Pop the Bubbles and El Mat-Adoring You shades.


Glitter is always welcome during the holiday season! You can never have too much, Put it in your hair, on your nails, anything goes!


To recreate this style, we suggest using OPI’s Bring out the Big Gems nail polish and adding a clear glitter lacquer, such as OPI’s I’m a Gem shade. 

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