What’s the Difference Between Blue and Purple Shampoo?

October 24, 2022

When you have blonde hair, whether natural or not, choosing the right shampoo is crucial to neutralizing undesirable highlights. The blondes of this world can confirm that between two appointments at the hairdresser, it’s not uncommon for yellow highlights to appear. By opting for a pigmented shampoo, you can avoid disaster while maintaining your color at home. But which one to choose to neutralize and get the blonde you want: blue or purple shampoo? Find out with advice from the hair experts at Beauté Star!

Blue or Purple Shampoo?

To understand how different pigments neutralize unwanted highlights, let’s quickly go back to the theory you learned in your art classes. Remember the color wheel? All the colors that are in opposition on the circle are not only complementary, but they also intersect with each other. For example, purple is in opposition to yellow, which means that purple cuts through yellow. This also applies to the world of hairstyling. To neutralize yellow highlights, use a shampoo with purple pigment. As for blue, also called cyan, it is opposite to orange. So, as you can probably guess, shampoos containing blue pigments neutralize orange highlights. Pretty simple, right?


Now, if you’re wondering: do I have yellow or orange highlights in my hair? Here’s a simple and effective way to help you find out: Blonde hair is more likely to reveal yellow highlights, while brown hair, to which blonde or caramel highlights have been added, tends to reveal orange highlights.

How to Use your Pigmented Shampoo
and Maximize your Results?

The Application

The key rule to remember is relatively simple: apply evenly and lather throughout! If you want to have a glowing blonde from roots to tips, it’s important to distribute the shampoo throughout your hair. You don’t want to concentrate the pigment in certain areas and end up with uneven color, do you? To make it easier, you can lather your shampoo in the palm of your hand to ensure even application.

The Pause Time

The pause time is also a key element to obtain the desired blonde. It can vary from 1 to 5 minutes. The longer the pause time, the more silvery blonde highlights will be revealed. But be careful! The porosity of the hair plays a big role in the result. Porous hair is often drier and lacks moisture. Therefore, it will absorb the pigments present in the shampoos more quickly. You can then opt for a minimal pause time. Conversely, people with well-hydrated, healthier hair will absorb pigment less quickly. This means that they can leave the shampoo on longer, up to 5 minutes.

The Frequency

It is recommended to use your blue or purple shampoo once a week. This will be enough to maintain your color and keep your hair healthy. If the reflections in your hair are very difficult to neutralize, you can opt for a daily formula, which is made to be used with every wash.

Here are Some of the Pigmented Shampoos
Available at Beauté Star

As the name implies, the Daily Blonde Shampoo can be used every day. Its formula gently cleanses while lightening blonde and silver hair. Use it to neutralize your brassy, yellow tones and leave your hair feeling revitalized, fresh and protected.

FAB.ME Blonde contains natural ingredients to refresh blonde hair and neutralize yellow tones. Its fortifying formula helps fight hair loss due to breakage. Its ultra-indulgent fragrance will transport you to the farmer’s market, surrounded by fresh flowers and nectarines, peaches and black currants. Formulated with vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free ingredients, this shampoo has everything you need to love it. Even the tube is made from cane sugar!

Leave your orange tones behind! Brass Off is Matrix’s most neutralizing system to date! It also offers up to 10 times less breakage and increased color protection. Give it a try, it’s sure to become the new must-have in your arsenal!

Le shampooing Keep My Colour Blonde est parfait pour tous les types de blonds, naturels ou non! Pour combattre les reflets cuivrés, ce shampooing utilise une base bleue avec extrait de Violet. Tout en rehaussant les tons de blonds, les protéines de soja et de blé renforcent les cheveux et ajoutent du volume. Riche en nutriments, il est essentiel pour toute personne recherchant les tons froids du blond australien iconique.

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