Hair Color Trends for Fall 2022

October 12, 2022

Fall is the perfect time to drink chai teas, pick pumpkins, but most importantly, to adopt a new fall look. Why not change your hair color to match your fall outfits?  There are many hair color trends that can be seen in fall 2022, and Beauté Star had fun digging up the 5 most popular ones to help you choose a style that suits you. Psst, you’ll also find tips on the must-have shampoos to use to maintain each color.

Dark Copper

Say goodbye to your summer hair and hello to your fall color! The arrival of the new season often brings with it a lot of darker hair colors. Above all, we find copper, a hair shade that goes perfectly with fall clothing and the colors of the leaves in the trees. You can really feel the mood of the season. And between you and me, isn’t this deep, rich color beautiful?

Champagne Blonde

For those who prefer to keep their hair lighter, don’t worry, there’s a perfect color for you: champagne blonde. The caramel highlights found in this hair color give a warm tone, perfect for fall. Leave the cool tones behind and make room for the warm highlights!

Intense Contrasts

Dare to add one or two highlights of a totally different color! For example, you can add blonde highlights to your dark hair or dark highlights to your blonde hair. Anything goes, as long as there is contrast! But a word of advice, make sure you can hide your highlights under your other hair when you want to go for a more subtle look. On the other hand, for your Halloween outing, it is important to showcase your highlights. It will be perfect to enhance the beauty of your costume.


Are you one of those people who don’t like to go to the hairdresser too often? This fall, you’re in for a treat, because regrowth is very trendy. Even the models in the big fashion shows are wearing their hair regrowth in a very assertive way. Now, the question is: what colors of hair will you use to create your regrowth effect? You’re spoiled for choice: blondes, redheads, highlight shades, purples, and more!

Balayage on Curls

Give your curly hair a boost of brightness with the balayage technique! Already popular in the hair world for a few years now, balayage is a great way to add a bright, subtle tone to your hair. In the fall, the trend is most noticeable on curly hair, especially since waves look great with balayage.

Essential Shampoos
to Maintain Color

Maintenance of Blonde Hair

Hypnotic Blonde

WondHer by Professional by Fama

Hypnotic Blonde from the WondHer line is specially designed for warm blonde hair. Containing no blue pigments, this shampoo is perfect for gently neutralizing yellow tones. It is the ideal shampoo to lighten and enhance the shine of your hair. You won’t have to worry about cold, silver tones when you get out of the shower.



Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones and enhance the shine of your blonde with PlatinumX. Its gentle daily cleansing formula contains honey, lemongrass, verbena and citrus extracts to lighten hair color. With a very subtle blue pigment, this shampoo is great for neutralizing yellow highlights while maintaining the most beautiful shades of warm blonde.

Maintenance of Brown Hair

Authentic Brown

WondHer by Professional by Fama

We know that brown hair is the most sensitive to discoloration and often has unwanted red and orange highlights. Authentic Brown, with its fermented cocoa extract, protective filter and special pigments, is the perfect solution for keeping intense brown color longer.

Maintenance of Red and Copper Hair

Mystic Red

WondHer by Professional by Fama

With fermented pomegranate and polymer sealers, this shampoo revives the shine of red and brassy hair. Prevent your color loss while gently cleansing your hair! 



Gemstone will help you preserve and extend the life of your shade with a color protection complex. By the way, it’s not just good for red and copper hair, as it’s completely colorblind. It’s also effective on blonde and brown hair.

Maintenance of Colored Hair



Do you have color-treated hair and want to maintain your most beautiful shades? Biolage ColorLast Shampoo offers an advanced formula that helps protect hair, balance moisture and even out the hair’s surface. You’ll keep your color vibrant, opaque and shiny, and salon worthy.

Color Protect


Pravana Color Protect Shampoo is clinically proven to work. It contains UV protectants that reduce fading so you can go pumpkin picking with peace of mind. Its formula with silk amino acids also helps strengthen and soften hair, while adding shine and improving manageability.

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