Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

June 7, 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you don’t know what to give as a gift? To help you in your quest for the perfect gift, Beauté Star has selected a list of hair products specifically designed for men. You’re sure to find something to make your dad happy!

Beard Care

Must Man Professional™

If your dad likes to take care of his beard, this Must Man Professional™ duo is a must-have!  Polished Clear Shave Gel is enriched with allantoin and vitamin E to protect, moisturize and soothe the skin during and after shaving. Its 100% clear, non-foaming formula also provides increased visibility to precisely line the neck and cheeks for a well-defined look. With The Gentleman’s double-edged safety razor, which offers a smooth, non-irritating shaving experience, beards can truly be at their best. The perfectly balanced weight of the razor allows it to glide smoothly over the skin without adding pressure.

Matte Texture
Styling Paste

ELEVEN Australia

ELEVEN Australia’s Matte Texture Styling Paste creates matte, natural looks. The blend of beeswax, castor oil and carnauba wax provide medium hold to allow for style changes and adjustments hours after styling. Your dad can revisit his look before heading to his happy hour!

Magic Clip


A magical blade! The staggered tooth blade provides a fast, smooth and efficient cut. This rotary trimmer also works with or without a cord, which is absolutely ideal for shaving at any time and in any place! Plus, this tool charges fully in 2 hours, for 90 minutes of runtime.

Flexible Bodifying Liquid Gel

Sebastian Professional

No matter what type of hair your dad has, the Texturizer Gel can be used. This flexible liquid styling gel brings soft, shiny definition to straight hair and adds bounce and definition to curly hair. Formulated with wheat and soy proteins, this styler offers strong hold, texturized definition and energized hair!

Scalp Recovery
Exfoliating Treatment


For dads who want to say goodbye to dandruff! Nioxin’s Scalp Recovery Exfoliating Treatment mechanically removes dandruff from the scalp and residue such as dead skin cells and excess oil around the follicles. The purifying exfoliator with NIODerma™ technology rebalances dandruffy scalp and prepares for the 3-step Nioxin Scalp Recovery skincare program, created to stimulate thinning hair growth.

Fresh & Energized

Must Man Professional™

If you’re looking for a winning recipe to please your dad, look no further than Must Man Professional’s Fresh and Energized Duo! Made with soy protein, wheat protein and keratin, Triple Duty Cleanser gently cleanses and moisturizes hair, beard and body, while minerals energize and revive. It’s a 3-in-1 formula that allows you to optimize the time spent in the shower. Cool Down deodorant, meanwhile, allows you to express masculinity while providing daily protection. It absorbs moisture and neutralizes unpleasant odors to keep you cool. Its gentle formula, free of alcohol, aluminum salts and harmful ingredients, offers comfort to all skin types without leaving a white or yellow stain on clothing.

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