How to Prepare your Hair for Summer with Matrix Total Results

By Caroline Verreault

Education Leader, Eastern Canada & Business Development Manager, Maritimes - Matrix Canada

May 11, 2022

The vacations are just around the corner, and you probably already have plans in mind! And those plans most likely include time at the beach, sunbathing, dinner with friends, and even a little professional hair coloring to look your best. 


This line is the solution of choice to protect, preserve and revive your hair all summer long. A simple line of 4 liquid protein products to fill in porosity exactly where you need it. From cleansing care to porosity maintenance and scalp comfort, to meet key needs.

The effects of the sun and the pool on your hair

For all types of hair and textures, whether natural or colored, the sun, chlorine, and sea salt (if you are lucky) can dry out your hair and make it fragile. You must also pay special attention to your hair to prevent it from lightening.

The daily gestures to adopt to avoid breakage

It is important to avoid alcohol-based products during long exposure to the sun to avoid burning the hair shaft and the skin of the scalp. 

Cleansing your hair with INSTACURE Anti-Breakage Shampoo before you go out in the sun will remove any product residue and strengthen the hair shaft. 


Don’t hesitate to finish your pre-exposure treatment with the conditioner for an extra dose of protection and love. A little boost of strength before starting the day.

If you have the chance, it’s best to let your hair dry naturally. To get silky hair and control porosity in one easy step, use INSTACURE Anti-Porosity Spray on damp hair. Then let it fly in the wind as you go on your adventure! 


Quick tip: take the spray with you to the pool or beach. You’ll have a much easier time detangling your hair when you get out of the water, and you’ll rebalance the pH of your hair to add shine and manageability!

If you proudly wear your hair extensions in the summer, you probably already know that putting them up can cause discomfort to your scalp. As for braids, your scalp will thank you for using INSTACURE’s TENSION RELIEVER Serum. With a simple application, you will relieve this discomfort and enjoy the long-awaited dinner parties. 


A little pro tip: if you wear a lot of hats and caps, an ideal gesture to adopt in the summer to protect your hair and scalp, you probably have a little dandruff that settles on your tanned shoulders. By incorporating INSTACURE’s TENSION RELIEVER Serum into your hair routine, you nourish your scalp to leave it feeling fresh, soothed and moisturized – without any flakes!

Finally, for the professionals reading this blog, we all know that summer rhymes with blondes! From minor highlights to full platinum, consumers love to lighten their hair during the warm season.


For even, long-lasting color results, be sure to spray hair with INSTACURE Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray before you color or even before you extend the color on the lengths and ends. This will even out the porosity for an even deposit and unmatched shine. 

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