Celebrating Earth Month with Biolage’s Sustainable Initiatives

April 22, 2022

At Biolage, sustainable development as a daily promise!


Did you know that in celebration of Earth Month, Biolage has partnered with Plastic Bank to help fight plastic in the oceans and raise awareness? 




Earth Month, celebrated in April, is an important global event to support environmental protection and take concrete actions that help care for our planet. 


This year, Biolage created an event in partnership with Plastic Bank for the development of its limited edition duo boxes. How do these boxes help improve the health of our planet? It’s simple! For every box purchased, 50 bottles of water are removed from the oceans.

Waste collection and recycling is carried out in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and, most recently, Egypt, where plastic pollution and poverty rates are extremely high. These are countries where the lack of disposal infrastructure and increased reliance on single-use packaging results in disproportionate pollution. 


Plastic Bank creates ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities to end ocean plastic pollution and reduce poverty. It fights against plastic in the oceans while improving the lives of those who participate in its collection. The collected materials are then processed to reintroduce them into the global supply chain. Residents can collect waste on the beach or on the land and, in exchange, they receive money or social benefits.


To date, Plastic Bank has prevented over 1.5 billion plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans. 


This initiative launched by Biolage at the beginning of April 2022 can already be considered a real success. Almost all the boxes were sold in a snap. We can thus say that thanks to you, we can really make a difference, to fight plastic pollution in our oceans and to improve the life of the collecting communities.


If you want to join the movement, while giving your hair some kindness, however, it’s not too late! The ColorLast set, which helps protect hair, balance moisture and even out the hair’s surface for bright, opaque, salon-worthy color, is still available at the Beauté Star online store. However, you’ll need to act fast, as these sets are going like hotcakes.

BIOLAGE COMMITMENT to everyday life


When developing formulas, past, present and future impact is always taken into consideration.


Our main manufacturing facility is 100% carbon neutral, solar powered and sends no waste to landfill.


Minimizing our impact on plastic is a priority. Each bottle is made of 95% recycled plastic. Since 2015, each bottle is 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR).


Our shampoos are held to a maximum of 85% biodegradability. All shampoos and conditioners are paraben-free. Our ingredients are carefully selected, traceability and transparency are always the priority.

few everyday tips to make a difference
at your salon and at home

In salon for hairdressing professionals

We are familiar with recycling, which consists of destroying a product to recover reusable raw material. Upcycling is the principle of reusing a waste product to transform it into a new object. 


For example, reuse your Biolage bottles and jars for living room decoration!

At the salon, use your Biolage gallons to fill the resale size bottles.

Benefit to the salon

New resale offer and environmental concern

 Benefit to the consumer

Money saving and environmental concern

Benefit to the planet

Less single-use plastic 

Everyone wins!

Get inspired by our digital artist, Karine Styliste!

Instead of the classic plastic water bottle, opt for a pitcher of fresh water flavored with sliced lemons or oranges and serve it in a washable glass to avoid single use plastic!

At Home for Everyone

Did you know that the average amount of water used for a 5-minute shower is 75 liters of water? And for a bath, it is 150 liters of water?


Using a dry shampoo occasionally can help reduce your water consumption! It’s the little things that make a difference!

Here are some simple ways to save this precious resource:


Do you usually brush your teeth or shave with the water running? By turning off the taps when you don’t need them, you use 25 times less water each time. 

In the kitchen

There are ways to waste less water when you use it! Have you considered filling a pitcher with water that you keep in the refrigerator? This way, no more waiting and wasting water by letting the tap water run until it cools down! For every 1 liter of water you keep in the fridge, you save 10 liters of tap water!

Bath and shower

Buy a low-flow showerhead, which will reduce the amount of water needed by almost half again. You can also turn off the water flow while soaping or shampooing. 


Also, it is well known that we wash our hair TOO regularly. Try to space out your shampoos with Biolage’s dry shampoo. This way, your showers will be faster. And hey! We save water!

It's your turn to make a difference every day!

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