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April 13, 2022

Looking for a new hairdryer? We know that making the right choice isn’t always easy.  That’s why Beauté Star, in addition to sharing tips on what performance criteria to evaluate when buying a dryer, has made it our mission to select some of the best heating tools of 2022. Learn about the features of each and pick your favorite! 

4 Selection Criteria

First, the performance of a hairdryer can be evaluated based on 4 main criteria: motor power, current type, temperature settings, and ions generated.

1. Motor Power

The power of a hairdryer is calculated in watts. The higher the wattage, the more efficient the heating tool. In other words, if you want to reduce the drying time of your hair, choose a powerful device. Usually, the top-quality ones reach at least 1800 watts.

2. Current Type

The type of current is also a criterion not to be neglected when talking about the power of a motor. There are 3 different types:    

– Direct current (DC) motor: A motor for domestic use, with a life span of 300 to 400 hours.  

– The alternating current (AC.) motor: A motor for professional use, with a life expectancy of 700 to 1000 hours.  

– Brushless motor: A motor with the best technology on the market, with a life expectancy of up to 10,000 hours. 

3. Temperature Settings

The best hairdryers always blow hot and cold air. The heat helps dry hair quickly and efficiently, while the cold air helps seal cuticles for a perfect finish. Also consider the amount of airflow emitted by the hair dryer. Ideally, you should have a button to control the speed of the heat.

4. Ions Generated

Finally, to determine if a hairdryer is professional grade, look for its ability to generate ions. The must-have appliances available on the market release positive or negative ions. Positive ions help to penetrate the hair with nutrients from your hair treatments and can be used to create an increased volume. Negative ions, on the other hand, quickly seal cuticles, control frizz and eliminate static for a professional finish.

5 Professional Hairdryers
you're sure to love

Motor power: 1875 watts  

Current type: Alternative (AC) 

Temperature settings: 3 temperature settings + 2 drying speeds  

Negative ion generator

The must-have in your arsenal! Featuring innovative infrared technology, Airflow delivers gentle heat deep into the hair fiber, drying hair from within. This process also significantly reduces drying time, protects against burning, preserves hair’s natural moisture and minimizes long-term heat damage. In turn, tourmaline-infused components generate negative ions to seal cuticle layers and eliminate frizz and static.

Other features & benefits:

– Powerful AC motor with overheat protection 

– Professional diffuser to volumize hair and define             curls 

– Modern, luxurious look 

– 3 meter (9.8 foot) professional power cord with                 hanging ring  

– Removable filter for easy cleaning

Motor power: 1875 watts 

Current type: Brushless (BCLD) 

Temperature settings: 3 heat settings (cold, warm, hot) + cold air button + 2 drying speeds 

Built-in ionic generator 

Brilliantly designed internal construction to significantly reduce the weight of the dryer. The MaxLife®PRO ultralight brushless motor makes for the lightest, most efficient professional dryer ever made. This BaBylissPRO hair dryer also has the best noise reduction when in use. Its genuine Italian craftsmanship makes it extremely durable, setting a new standard for power, performance and quality.

Other features & benefits:

– Dries up to 50% faster  

– 5 times longer service life than traditional motorized     hairdryers  

– Removable noise reduction filter  

– 3 snap-on nozzles included (60, 75, 90 mm)  

Motor power: 1875 watts 

Current type: Brushless (BCLD) 

Temperature settings: 3 temperature settings (cold, warm, hot) + 2 drying speeds 

Positive and negative ion generator 

The Alpha is the latest innovation and the result of 3 years of work. This amika hairdryer with its custom case, golden pink accents and brushless motor has no buttons. The drying speed and temperature settings are controlled by a dial. Plus, the diffused far-infrared heat locks in moisture for healthy, hydrated hair.

Other features & benefits:

– Quiet and long-lasting motor  

– Lifetime of about 5000 hours  

– Very light device  

– Patented ergonomic design  

– 2.75-meter (9 feet) power cord with 360° swivel 

– Rotary dial for efficiency and comfort 

Motor power: 1875 watts 

Current type: Alternative (AC) 

Temperature settings:  3 heat settings (cold, warm, hot) + 1 cold air button + 2 speed settings 

Negative Ion Generator 

Tourmaline and ceramic, being natural sources of negative ions and far-infrared heat, dry hair from the inside out, preserving hair moisture. It’s the perfect dryer to give your mane a healthy shine and smooth finish.

Other features & benefits:

– Allows for hair fiber friendly drying  

– 2.75-meter (9 foot) power cord with hanging ring  

– Concentrator nozzle included 

Motor power: 1875 watts 

Current type: Brushless (BCLD) 

Temperature settings:  3 heat settings (cold, warm, hot) + 2 speed settings 

Genuine Ion Generator 

The BaBylissPRO Leandro Limited Collection is an exquisite line of professional styling tools that celebrates the life of Leandro P. Rizzuto, the founder of Conair Corporation; a man who dedicated himself to innovation and beauty and changed the way the world styles hair.  True to that legacy, this sensor hairdryer is sure to impress.  With LPR (Light Pressure Response) technology, two sensors on either side of the pistol grip activate or interrupt the airflow at the slightest touch. Control the airflow without repositioning your handle, free your hands for sectioning, or place the dryer on a surface to take a break and conserve energy. Plus, the carbon ion technology provides excellent thermal performance and shiny, frizz-free results.  Create beautiful hair, effortlessly!  

Other features & benefits:

– 5 times longer service life than traditional motorized    hairdryers 

– Even heat distribution for less damage  

– Natural static reduction for shiny, frizz-free hair  

– Stable temperatures for perfect styling  

– Professional 9-foot fabric cord  

– Rubberized handle for excellent grip  

– Straightening accessories, concentrator nozzle,             diffuser and satin pouch included 

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