What Are the Best Solutions for Hair Loss

March 14, 2022

Do you find that over the years, your hair becomes thinner? Do you feel like it doesn’t want to grow? Are you losing a lot of hair? You’re not the only one in this situation and there are many ways to remedy it! Find out what the Beauté Star experts have to say about hair loss. 


Adapted hair routines

First, in order to determine the best solution for you, it is important to find the source of the problem. In other words, what is the cause of your hair loss? A consultation with your dermatologist will help guide your hair care routine. The important thing is to make the best choice based on the type of hair loss you have been diagnosed with. Discover the benefits of Nioxin and Bosley hair loss routines.

Nioxin offers 6 different systems to stimulate hair growth. Each routine contains a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment, perfectly adapted to a particular hair type.   


System 1: For natural hair with light thinning  

System 2: For natural hair with progressed thinning 

System 3: For colored treated hair with light thinning 

System 4: For colored treated hair with progressed thinning 

System 5: For normal, medium to thick, natural, chemically treated or thin-looking hair 

System 6: For medium to thick, natural, chemically treated or visibly thinning hair 

Here are the steps to follow to achieve the optimal Nioxin hair routine. No matter which system number you choose, the steps and their benefits remain the same. 

Step 1: CleanserTM Shampoo

This volumizing cleanser helps remove follicle-clogging oil and environmental residue from the scalp and hair. It is excellent for cleansing and providing thicker looking hair.  


Directions for use:  

 Apply to wet hair, massaging into scalp  

 Lather for 1 minute then rinse thoroughly  

 Use every day

Step 2: Scalp Therapy Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner helps build strength and control moisture levels. 


Directions for use:  

 After cleansing, apply to the scalp and all over the hair 

 Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly  

 Use every day 

Step 3: Hair & Scalp Treatment

An improved formula for thicker hair with twice the volume! This mousse is light and easy to apply. Enriched with botanicals and methyl nicotinate, it helps invigorate the scalp. The Hair & Scalp treatment also contains ingredients that help protect hair from UV rays.  


Directions for use:  

 Apply directly to entire scalp  

 Gently massage into scalp (do not rinse)  

 Use every day 

Prevention is better than cure! As a daily care product for normal and colored hair, BosDefense helps to prevent hair loss. For example, it is known that some pregnant women can lose their hair after giving birth. This range is therefore excellent for preventing hair loss. Color safe, it also includes ColorKeeper Complex to help prolong color.


Here are the steps to follow to achieve the BosDefense hair routine in an optimal way.

Step 1: BosDefense Shampoo

This gentle, sulfate-free Shampoo helps create a healthy environment for hair and scalp. It helps cleanse and eliminate toxins, such as DHT, a hormone that interferes with the hair growth cycle when present in excessive amounts. As a result, you have hair that falls out more easily and grows with difficulty. So why not avoid disaster with Bosley’s BosDefense shampoo? 


Directions for use:  

Apply to damp hair  

Gently massage into scalp  

Leave on for one minute, then rinse  

Use with each wash  

Step 2: BosDefense Conditioner

This daily hair and scalp Conditioner infuses hair with light, shiny body. Your hair will quickly appear thicker and fuller. 


Directions for use:  

Apply to clean, damp hair  

Distribute evenly  

Leave in for five minutes, then rinse  

Use with each wash  

Step 3: BosDefense Treatment

Bosley’s Leave-in Scalp Treatment adds volume and fullness to hair while helping to neutralize the action of DHT. It also helps strengthen the hair fiber and promote healthy hair growth. Plus, if you want to prolong the beauty of your color to the max, this treatment also contains ColorKeeper Complex. 


Directions for use:  

Apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing 

Separate hair into three sections and apply a small amount to the parting line from the front to the back 

Gently massage the scalp  

Comb hair from roots to ends 

Has your hair already started to fall out? Choose Bosley’s BosRevive for natural or colored fine hair. Unlike the BosDefense line, which was designed to prevent hair loss, BosRevive was developed to treat it. These products are primarily recommended for people who are experiencing hair loss due to a hereditary problem, such as baldness. They can also be an excellent solution for people who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy treatments.


Here are the steps to follow to achieve the optimal BosRevive hair routine.  

Step 1: BosRevive Shampoo

BosRevive Sulfate-Free Revitalizing Shampoo helps remove toxins, such as DHT, from the hair and scalp. It is the ideal shampoo for people with visibly thinning hair.  


Directions for use:  

Apply daily to damp hair  

Gently massage your scalp 

Leave on for one minute, then rinse  

Step 2: BosRevive Conditioner

BosRevive Daily Conditioner reconditions hair by adding volume and shine while soothing. It also contains Colorkeeper Complex to help prolong color.  


Directions for use:  

Apply to damp, clean hair  

Distribute evenly  

Let sit for five minutes, then rinse  

Step 3: BosRevive Treatment

Want to maximize results? Add BosRevive Leave-In Scalp Treatment to your routine. It reconditions and revives fragile hair and scalp for a denser, fuller look.   


Directions for use:  

Apply to your towel-dried hair after shampooing  

Separate your hair into three sections  

Apply a small amount to the parting line from the front to the back  

Massage your scalp  

Comb your hair from roots to ends 



To prevent hair loss, you can use a good follicle regenerating serum. Here are 2 of the must-have serums available at Beauté Star:

Give your scalp a little boost with Nioxin’s Hair Booster Serum! This intensive leave-in treatment is specially designed for thinning hair. It strengthens weakened areas, such as emerging hair. Using dual-action technology, this product also forms a protective barrier against cuticle damage. 

Thinning hair, this serum is for you! With scalp activators, your follicles will receive the energy they need to stimulate growth and strengthen the roots. This product is also formulated with active ingredients to protect and repair follicles, while promoting healthy hair in low-density areas.   


Hair tattoos

Have you ever heard of hair tattoos? Because they are becoming more and more popular! We are talking about a technique that reproduces a hair-by-hair effect on the scalp using a fine needle. The goal is to hide imperfections caused by hair loss or scars. The results that can be obtained with hair tattooing are very realistic and natural. It is an excellent alternative if you want to overcome your hair loss quickly. 


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments

Did you know that the plasma in our blood is very rich in growth factors that can help stimulate hair follicle activity and promote new hair growth? It has been scientifically proven that PRP injections to the scalp are very effective in increasing the number of hairs and promoting the growth of the hair cycle. However, to receive this medical-aesthetic treatment, it is more advantageous to be in the early stages of thinning, since the treatment works more specifically on the active hair follicles. It is therefore necessary to make an appointment with a professional to determine if you are the ideal candidate.



You have probably already heard of capsules to promote hair growth and maintain a healthy head of hair. In fact, there are several brands of capsules on the market. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine which of these capsules is the most effective. To answer this question, we recommend that you choose a professional and specialized brand. For example, Bosley offers encapsulated supplements specifically designed to maintain a healthy scalp and thicker, fuller hair.   


Choose from: 

Vitality supplements for men 60x capsules 

Vitality supplements for women 60x capsules 

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