Neutralize your Yellow Highlights and Reveal your Silver Blonde with amika

January 26, 2022

Whether it’s your natural color or hair coloring, all blondes tend to turn yellow. To maintain silver tones and stay healthy, blonde hair requires specific, ongoing maintenance. To help you revive your color, we’re sharing some amika products to add to your beauty routine.

Color Correction

To neutralize yellow highlights and reveal a silvery blonde, the use of professional ultraviolet shampoos and conditioners remains very effective. Good products will repair and moisturize damaged hair, giving it a healthy and beautiful appearance. 


Moisturizing means shine! If you want to bring your blonde hair back to life, we recommend using a moisturizing shading mask after your shampoo at least once a week. A good treatment will also help control porosity, to reduce breakage of dry and damaged hair.

Thermal Protection

The sun isn’t the only thing that can damage hair fiber from high heat. All heating devices, such as blow dryers and flat irons, can also damage hair if used without protection. Using a heat defense product is a very good solution to protect hair during styling.

Sun Protection

To maintain beautiful blonde and healthy-looking hair, it is first important to protect your hair when it is exposed to the sun. UV rays, combined with the sun’s heat, alter the protective layer of your hair fiber. As a result, your scales open up, leaving your hair weakened and brittle. By using an effective hair care product to counteract the effects of sun exposure, you will protect your hair from breakage and reduce the risk of dulling or yellowing your blonde.

The amika routine for blondes

Now that you know our top tips for maintaining your blonde hair, here is amika’s beauty routine specially designed to reveal ultrapure, ultrabeautiful silver and gray blondes.


Enhance your blond hair with amika’s Bust Your Brass Ultra-Violet Shampoo and Conditioner. These 2 products were created to complement each other! They are clinically proven to flatten, repair and moisturize damaged hair when used together. It’s the secret duo for blonds that stay on top!


Moisturize your hair with amika’s luxurious Bust Your Brass Ultra-Moisturizing Repair Treatment! This hair mask features technology that strengthens the fiber, reduces breakage, and moisturizes dry, damaged hair. Plus, the ultra-violet pigments neutralize yellow and copper tones and bring out the best in all shades of blonde. Use it at least once a week, and you’ll soon have much shinier and healthier hair!


Blockade Thermal Protection Serum protects hair from the intense heat of blow dryers and other heating devices. It also prevents overheating that damages the fibers of delicate hair, such as blond hair. During styling, this elixir conditions hair for a smooth, frizz-free finish.


The perfect finishing touch to any hairstyle, especially before a day in the sun! Lightweight Top Gloss Spray gives your hair a glossy, shiny finish. Formulated with UV filters, this finishing spray helps keep strands looking healthy. Now you can sunbathe without worry.

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