Shavers and Clippers for Him

January 12, 2022

Where to start when looking for a shaver, clipper, or trimmer? We’ve got a few for recommendation. Read our tips below to find out which one’s best suites your needs. 

1. BaBylissPro RoseFX Clipper #FX870RG

A perfect tool for cutting all hair textures with power, speed, and precision. The FX Clipper FX870RG is the best in its class. It gives a clean cut without pulling or snagging, the most impressive feature is the battery. It has a Ferrari designed engine. Best part, it comes in a pretty rose gold colour. 

2. BaBylissPro Double Foil Shaver #FXFS2RG

Perfect for those who want to create a small fade area once your haircut is done. With a foil shaver, you don’t need to apply oils and creams onto your skin, as you can use it to shave on dry skin. This is perfect for everyday use for those who are on the go. Use it on the face, neck, and hairline. 

3. BaByLissPro Volare Clipper #FXFB811C

If you’re looking for something in between the FX Clipper and the foil shaver than this is your middleman tool! Easy to use and has a high-quality blade set. The patented micro-serrated X-Grip cutting blade holds hair in position for a faster, more efficient cut. This clipper also has a Ferrari designed engine and 3-hour cordless run time. 

Popular Cuts/Fades for 2022

Whether you are re-creating these looks at home with your hair clippers or going to the hairdressers, here are a few top haircuts for 2022 


For a modern-day mullet, create a low fade at the sides. If you’re feeling bold, add some fun neon colors such as pink or green. 

buzz cut

In many 2022 shows, designers opted for the buzz cut in many different versions. A buzz fade, shorter at the top and fade into the sides. We have also seen a lot of pops of color added to the buzzcut, even having tiny designs will become a big hit. 

natural Curls

Whether you prefer messy curls or fades on the sides remember to build volume up top. You can make the haircut look messy or clean depending on what you like. 

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