Hair Color Trends for 2022

January 10, 2022

The top hair colors we have spotted for 2022 are here! Check our recommendations on how to achieve them using Pravana hair colors. 

Ginger Brunette

Ginger Spice called and wanted her hair shade back, but this time keeping it natural with touches of color on warmer skin tone. The ChromaSilk Crème collection by Pravana in shade 8.45 is your closest bet to a ginger brunette.  

Mushroom Brunette

A colder, toned-down version of a warm brunette. The mushroom brunette is going to come in hot in 2022. We are referring to ChromasSilk Crème Ash colour in 9.1 from Pravana. 

Soft Cool Black

Black can be too harsh on most which is why we opt for softer shades of a very dark brown to give the appearance of black but in fact, it is a dark shade of brown. We suggest using ChromaSilk Crème collection in Naturals, shade 4N. 

Peach blonde

Hello new strawberry blonde! More towards the orange tones since they are in for 2022. Use the Pravana Seal & Protect Leavein Treatment to keep your blonde hair brass-free and healthy. 

Auburn tinges

Brunettes can now be seen with auburn minimal babylights. It looks like a reddish brown against a dark brunette which adds dimension.

Apricot Red

Orange toned red is the way to go if you want to have an eye-catching appeal to a natural red hair color. We suggest using ChromaSilk Crème collection in Vibrant Coppers in shade 7.44 by Pravana. 

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