November 4, 2021

“KEVIN.MURPHY’s newest SHADES are a continuation of his philosophy; delivering fashion-forward, multi-tonal, colour that is extremely wearable and leads the way to glowing self-expression.”


We asked Patricia Ajani, a DIAMOND.KEY hair colourist for KEVIN.MURPHY, what she thinks about this new collection, and this is what she had to say:


“The new COLOR.ME additions are the CHOCOLATE.ASH 6.71 and 8.71 and the VIOLET.INTENSE 7.88 and 9.88.


The CHOCOLATE.ASH are the colors for the clients that want a chocolate hue but don’t want to see too much red in it aka a cool brown. If you’re a colorist, you’ve heard that line one to many times!

It can also be used while doing color corrections if your results is very brassy. Instead of refining the hair with something very ashy and ending up with a mucky dull color, you can use the cool CHOCOLATE.ASH tones to soften the orange and end up with nice creative chocolate hue.


The new VIOLET.INTENSE are going to be amazing for colorist to play around, mix and match to create nice and very deep pastels, or bright pastels and for color correcting very stubborn yellows in the hair.


I’m very excited to explore these colors even further with my COLOR.ME class attendees.”

The benefit of this product is that it offers full grey coverage and is ammonia-free. Also, it is honey based. Honey contains many vitamins and minerals and is a natural humectant, helping the hair to retain moisture. It will retain smoothness and softness in the hair which is what we need when colouring it. Your hair will be protected and nourished thanks to the honey.

Here are a few before and after photos of these 2 new colours:

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