Iconic Halloween Hairstyles from Movies

October 22, 2021

Need ideas of what to be for Halloween? We’ve got a few iconic Halloween looks that we were inspired by from classic movies. We will provide you with the secrets to obtain these hairstyles, but the costume part is up to you!


The new Cruella played by Emma Stone paid homage to her signature look which is half white, half black hair parted down the middle.  This hair style is easy to re-create, all you need is a black hair dye and a silver or white one (Black and Pastel Potion in Pravana).

Black widow

Marvel’s Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff is known for her beautiful orange hair colour! In her latest movie, her hair colour is a toned-down orange. The closest thing to it is the Sunstone shade from Pravana’s Chromasilk collection.

Harley Quinn

The latest Suicide Squad movie launched this year had a completely new look for Harley Quinn.

Rather than her classic pink and blue pigtails, she is seen sporting black, red and blonde locks for this movie. Having blonde hair would be the ideal first step, then putting your hair into low pigtails, dye one black and the other side red.


The adventurous Coraline has a look that is stricking! Her blue short bob hairstyle makes her look edgy. This is an easy Halloween look to pull off, simply dye your hair a shocking blue. (Blue Topaz in Pravana Vivids) Add a yellow raincoat and there is your Halloween costume.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The latest Sabrina TV character has got a new look compared to the show in the 90’s. This new character now has short bleach blonde hair that almost looks like a white/silver, along with her signature black headband. We recommend using a silver color such as Smokey Silver from Pravana Vivids.

Queen’s Gambit

The famous chess TV series on Netflix made a comeback for the game of chess and the orange hair colour that the main character plays! Quite similar to the Black Widow’s hair color, The Queen’s Gambit hair is more on the orange side. We suggest Orange from Pravana Vivids or if you want something more subtle, go for the Sunstone.

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