Temporary Halloween Hair Colour Ideas with Pravana

October 21, 2021

Halloween lovers! Did you know you can use semi-permanent or permanent colours to create fun looks for Halloween? We have a few fun VIVIDS colours from Pravana to show what you can achieve by combining colours. Let’s have fun and get creative this Halloween season!

Spider nest

Tricky but fun, this look is created by using a few Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS colours such as: violet, orange, black, smokey silver and the green from Pravana VIVIDS Neons. Have fun adding layers of different colours onto your hair. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, the messier the better. Last tip, add some plastic spiders for some Halloween fun! (Hair by @kayla_boyer on Instagram).


Create a tri-color effect using 3 different VIVIDS shades. Pictured above is red, magenta, and violet from the Pravana VIVIDS collection. You’re going to need help with this one! You will have to section all 3 layers separately coating them with different colours.

(Hair by @kayla_boyer on Instagram)

the joker

Be sure to make a statement with this Joker green hair colour. Use the Pravana VIVIDS Neons in green to achieve this look. You will have to lighten your hair prior to get the same results. Or you can just buy an ash blonde wig and dye it with the Pravana Neons in green if you want to do it for one Halloween night only!

(Hair by @jessart8 on Instagram.)

half and half

The half and half hair colour trend is still going strong this year.  Why not consider changing the colours up for Halloween? Use any 2 colours that speak to you. Used for this look is the Pravana ChromaSilk VIVIDS in Magenta and Violet.

(Hair by @hunaayhair on Instagram.)

Minty Face Frame

Have black hair but want to add a pop of colour on your front strands? Try using Pravana Vivids in Green on each hair strand in front to create a Halloween face framing effect.

(by @Hunaayhair on Instagram)

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