The Most Popular Blowouts

October 13, 2021

Blowouts, we all love them, but which one is your style? We will take you through a few of the popular current trending blowouts.

Straight with Body

When you like to have straight hair but with a bit of body, it allows room to be a little creative, be it curved ends, or a curve or two randomly in the front. We recommend using a paddle brush when blow drying your hair, this will allow the ends to be flicked out, keeping the volume at the tips. Optional: Use a straightening iron to glide through the hair afterwards to make a slight wave.

Big and Voluminous

The bigger, the better! This one has all the curls and waves that go va-va-voom! Grab your super big round brush for your blow-dry and afterwards use a large barrel-curling iron for finishing touches. You want to start at the roots to create volume for this look.

Messy and Beachy

For these messy waves, we recommend blow-drying hair with a smaller brush using back and forth flips to create those waves into your hair strands. Remember to keep the ends free for a more relaxed finish, this means concentrating more on your mid-strands rather than your ends. We want it to look as natural as possible, not every strand needs to be perfect. If you’d like to add more curls, we suggest using a small curling iron on certain pieces afterwards.

Slick and Sleek

Obtain paper straight hair by grabbing a large flat comb brush and blow-drying your hair against it from root to ends, going in a straight downwards motion, and repeat until it is straight enough for you. We recommend using the concentrator nozzle for this blowout.

Pro-tip: once hair is all dried and styled, use the cool shot button on the blow-dryer to make your straight hair have a glossy finish!


For these blowouts we recommend using the new Leandro Midi hairdryer LL250C or the full sized one, the Leandro Sensor Hairdryer LL800C by BabylissPro. Both are very powerful, the Midi being 1000 Watts and the Sensor LL800C, 1875 watts. The Midi has an ultra-lightweight design, and this mid-size pistol-grip hairdryer provides carbon technology for excellent heat performance and is perfect for travel and blowouts on the go.

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