How to Take Care of your Curls

October 1, 2021

Curly gals, this one’s for you! We know how important it is to maintain your hair and how it’s so different from other hair types which is why we are going to walk-through all the important needs you require.


We all remember and know the famous Design.ME Bounce.ME Curl Balm. It won #1 best selling product the year that it launched. It was the only curling product available at the time. Fast forward to today, the curl collection is now complete.


Designed for every type of curl in mind, we are going to take you through various styles and which product suites them best!

Frizz-free Hair

The key wants for those with curls are to have shiny, flake-free, flexible, frizz-free hair and hydration which promotes elasticity. The Bounce.ME Curl Shampoo+ Conditioner will remove build-up and cleanse the scalp without stripping oils. Curls need richer hydration, and this is where the conditioner comes into play. Try it, your curls will thank you for having zero frizz!

Defined Curls

Define and reconstruct hair for an even curl pattern and lasting hold from AM to PM. The Bounce.ME Curl Spray Gel is a lightweight product with a final hold factor that targets certain areas and sculpts your individual curls. Use the gel if you are looking for shinier curls that have that subtle wet look. It contains vitamin E and natural antioxidants to strengthen & protect your curls. A pro-tip: use it as a static tamer for your hair by spraying the product into your hands then applying it onto your flyaways.

Second Day Hair Curls

Want to reactivate your curls? This 2nd day hair refresher named Infinite Mist will do just that by misting the product all over your curls. Mist over damp or dry hair using as much product as desired until you are satisfied with how your curls look. Use as many times as possible throughout the day. Their new eco-packaging product is refillable and made with 70% renewable materials. Don’t mist out, refill, reuse and renew with their entire Infinite Mist collection.

Soft to the Touch Curls

Want defined curls but without a crunch, more on the natural side? Then you need the first-born product of the Bounce.ME curl line, the Curl Balm. Known for its power to define and condition each curl, with a non-crunchy buildable hold. To obtain these types of curls, apply the product to your curls from roots to ends on damp hair and gently crunch your hair in an upwards motion. Let dry and see how beautifully your curls will come to life in the more natural way.

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