Beard Oils and their Benefits

October 1, 2021

Beard oils are used to condition the beard. Think of it as a moisturizer not only for your beard but it also moisturizes the skin beneath your beard. Men use it to make their beard appear fuller, softer and to promote hair growth. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using the new Must Man beard oil, The Original.

Why should you use it?


Beard hair tends to be rougher in texture, therefore you need to soften it with beard oil. It adds shine to your hair helping your beard look neater and more styled. This also applies to keeping your hair split-end free.

Make your beard look fuller

Not only does it help with beard growth, but it also straightens your hair out which makes it look fuller. Pair this with combing your beard, and you will notice the difference right away.


Keep your skin and beard moisturized with beard oil. Did you know that the oil penetrates beneath the hair and reaches the skin? This is also a bonus because it will get rid of beard dandruff and itchiness seeing that it seeps into the skin.

Make your beard smell good

Beard oil smells good and can be used instead of perfume or cologne. The Original new beard oil has the same signature Must Man fragrance and is 96% natural.

The Original Oil

The new beard oil by Must Man Professional is composed 

of 4 carrier oils:

Almond Oil: nourishes and hydrates the skin and hair

Grapeseed Oil: promotes beard growth

Castor Oil: protects, reinforces, and softens the hair.

Jojoba Oil: protects and softens the hair

Vitamin E: repairs damaged follicles

Typically to be applied once a day but in the cold winter months you can apply it twice a day to keep your beard and skin hydrated. The Original comes with a dropped where you can control the amount of oil you would like to use. The longer the beard, the more drops you will need. We hope you learned a thing or two on taking care of your beard!

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