The Secret to Unlocking Voluminous Hair with Rusk

September 22, 2021

Looking for thicker hair? We have a few suggestions to add to your beauty shelf thanks to the help of RUSK.

Step 1: Shampoo + Conditioner

Plump up your hair with Rusk’s Thickr Thickening Shampoo for fine hair. It plumps up the cuticle to increase strength, lift and texture. For added lift, we suggest using the Thickr Thickening Conditioner as well

Step 2: Mousse

Add body by using Thickr Thickening Mousse. On damp hair, apply a small amount onto your palms and spready throughout your hair. This product delivers healthy looking shine to fine, limp or lazy hair.  It contains naturally derived ingredients that dynamically bond to hair to thicken its appearance while moisturizing the hair.

Step 3: Amplifier

The more, the merrier and that’s how we think when it comes to volume. The Thick Body and Texture Amplifier is an extra way of achieving thick hair. The formula contains Thermplex™ to boost body and volume from inside out, and wheat protein to add strength and moisture. Simply spray onto damp hair before styling.

Step 4: Hairspray

Once you are done styling, it’s time to add the finishing touch: hairspray. This Thickr Thickening Hairspray is infused with lusterizers, conditioners, and moisturizers that provide body, texture, and supple touchable hold. Not only that, but it also has UV blockers which will protect your colored-treated hair.

Voluminous hairstyles we love!

Short hair

Obtain big plump hair by using the Thickr Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner and adding the Thickr Thickening Mousse for extra volume and texture to your hair. Fluff up your hair by using a comb to tease the roots or use your hands to crunch your hair in an upwards motion to lift the volume. Finish it off with the Thickr Thickening Hairspray.

Shaggy layers

If you have a lot of hair, we love this layered look. Use the Thickr Mousse to give it thickness and texture, follow with the Thick Amplifier all over your hair. For added volume at the roots, we recommend you blow-drying your hair upside down.

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