Fringes are in and they’re not going away any time soon

September 10, 2021

While some of you might be an all-or-nothing kinda gal when it comes to cutting your hair, we understand changing up your style might not need to be drastic every time.


A fringe is a minimal-effort, maximum-effect style update that will completely transform your look, whether you’re after something long and choppy or bangs to match your chic French-girl Bob (a la Karolina Ościk-Alama).

The good news is, most people suit a fringe! All it comes down to is the length and making sure it suits your jawline and face shape.


Celebrities and influencers have been pretty experimental this year with some it-girls even going as far as to cut their bangs at home during isolation (that memorable Bella Hadid ‘I cut my bangs’ Instagram story). Since salons are now open we highly recommend taking your inspiration to the professionals and bring one of the below fringe muses from Kendall Jenner to Matilda Djerf along with you.

Jeanne DAMAS

For an effortless 2020 fringe update, make like Rouje founder and influencer, Jeanne Damas, and turn your regular bangs into parfait French-girl bangs. The trick with this look is all in the styling. ELEVEN Australia Educator, Naydene Mehmet, recommends using a texturising spray to hold the style in place and create that piece-y effect.


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Bella Hadid

Bella pairs her DIY razored bangs with her classic ’90s updo.


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Journan DUNN

Jourdan spices up her glass-like dead straight hair with a full-bodied, choppy fringe. Bella Hadid also glammed up her super smooth lob during the 2020 CFDA Fashion Awards with this blunt choppy number.


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Suki Waterhouse

Bang-on 70’s – Suki shows us how it’s done with this full-on lengthy fringe.


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Alanna Arrington

This thick, textured, shaggy fringe is perfect for wash-and-go curly hair girls and new-wave perm boys out there. Depending on your mood, wear it forward for a full-look or mix it up and wear it to the side.


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Daisy Edgar Jones

Who hasn’t heard of Marianne’s Bangs! Daisy, also known as Marianne from the latest cult show Normal People, is currently the queen of the curtain fringe. You can either part yours down the centre and ask for a fanned curtain across your forehead and style to create separation for a true curtain effect.


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Matilda Djerf

You can’t go past Matilda Djerf for the ultimate curtain bangs with mega-volume and bounce.


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