Blow drying and styling with one tool

September 7, 2021

How air brushes have been released by many this year! But the question always remains, how to use it exactly? Since we are used to the basic everyday tools such as a blow dryer and straightening iron…what if we told you there was 1 tool that does both!


Today we are going to be using the BabylissPro Nano Titanium rotating ionic hot air brush. It features a cool setting, high and low. You can use it without using the device rotation or choose which direction you would like the brush to move – left or right – by pressing down on the buttons right below the brush. As a tip for all hairstyles using this device, we recommend slightly air drying your hair prior to using this brush in order to remove as much water as possible from your hair before styling.

Curtain bangs

Grab your bangs on both ends of your face and place them onto the brush. Start at the root and blow dry in an upwards motion to create volume then release. Repeat a few times until desired volume is achieved. Brush the bangs back towards your ears (separately) afterwards to brush them out and remove them from being in your face and voilà.

Voluminous hair

First section your hair into multiple sections that way you can work piece by piece. If you want to add extra volume, hold the dryer at your roots for 3 seconds. Also keep in mind to curl the dryer underneath to create that bounce effect and lift! Starting at the roots, curve the brush downwards and repeat.

straight sleek

Looking for the opposite of volume? The BabylissPro air brush can also straighten your hair without the voluminous lift. Simply section your hair into pieces and start at the top of the roots, pressing downwards to create a straight effect. Therefore, doing the opposite motion than you would for the voluminous hairstyle.

The benefit of this tool is that it is a dryer and a brush at the same time therefore, liberating you of using one of your hands to hold a brush. The bristles on the hot brush also grip very easily which is great for styling. Combine your hair drying time along with your styling time together, making use of this 1 hair styling tool!

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