Eleven Australia Essentials for Summer Ready Hair

July 26, 2021

Dreaming of lightweight effortless definition this summer? Eleven Australia has got you covered with 2 new products: The Dry Finish Wax Spray and the Miracle Hair Mask. Let’s have your hair prepped for summer with these simple steps!


Let’s admit it, even those with the healthiest of hair need a helping hand when there is heat and humidity around. This is why hair masking is so important. The sun dries your hair and if you dip into the pool all day and expose your hair to the UV rays, not only will your hair dry out but so will your hair color.

Miracle Hair Mask

We suggest using the Miracle Hair Mask to make your hair bounce back into shape! It’s full of nutrients and has a blend of Aloe Vera, White Mulberry Leaf and Pomegranate to treat, strengthen and hydrate hair. The Sweet Almond Oil conditions the scalp and Jojoba Oil helps to improve elasticity of fragile hair. The mask also has anti-fade colour safe technology which is an important factor for those hot sunny days.

We also should mention that it has that coconut Eleven Australia fragrance that you already love. Picture yourself on a tropical getaway while using this product. All you need is 5 to 15 minutes of leaving this hair mask in your hair then say hello to smoother, shinier, healthier hair and scalp! Try it in the shower, by the pool or during a quick yoga session then rinse it off. It also happens to come in a 100% recyclable pouch and is sulphate, paraben, gluten, and cruelty free. Another reason to love it more!

Summer Breezy Hair

We all want effortless hair for the summer and Eleven Australia’s Dry Finish Wax Spray will do just that for you. This bottle will keep your hair not only smelling like yummy watermelons all summer long but will also mold into whatever effortless style you are looking for. It is a lightweight spray designed to create defined shape with a flexible hold and sheen which means it will prevent breakage and condition the hair. It has ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Extract and Shea Butter.

How to use it:

After styling your hair straight or wavy, spray the Dry Finish Spray onto your entire bottom sections of your hair and scrunch your hair strands to create flexible movement. You will feel a light wax feeling between your fingers while styling them. This will give your hair definition. Mess it up and play with your hair in order to achieve that “effortless look”. Unlike using a beach wave spray, your hair will not become sticky or salty after using this product. It feels as though you have nothing in your hair, yet it will look fabulous! We really love how natural this product looks and feels. Best yet, your hair will smell yummy! Think of it as a leave-in hairspray that will not damage your hair. In fact, it will do the exact opposite, it will condition it.

Using these 2 products this summer, will act like a powerhouse for your hair! Bring on the moisture and be able to have that effortless summer hair without taking any hits from damaging it. Congratulations, your hair will love you for this!

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