The Year of Bold Colors and Two-Tone Trends with Pravana

July 22, 2021

What is a two-toned hairstyle you ask? Basically, any hair colour that has 2 different colours that are contrasting. This past year we have seen it in a few different styles, and we must say, it is here to stay! Here are a few styles that we love and using Pravana ChromaSilk colours is all you will need to achieve these looks.

Half and Half

Torn between 2 hair colours? Why choose when you can have both! The latest trend has been having a different hair colour on each side of your head. Usually, one side is a dark brown and the other can literally be anything you like such as pink, blonde, orange, blue, green, or yellow…the possibilities are endless. This look is fun to have for those who like to wear their hair in braids or space buns. It is the perfect hair colour for music festivals. You can choose one side to be permanent (the darker side) and the lighter side can be a wash out colour. 

We suggest using any colour from the Pravana ChromaSilkcollection because they wash out after a few times and have a bunch of fun, bright or pastel colours to choose from!

2 Front Strands

Remember Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls in the 90’s? Mostly seen on dark hair with 2 blonde strands or even funky colours such as pink, green, purple. It paved the way for face framing, for those who wanted a most subtle and natural look as opposed to having a big contrast. Bella Hadid was seen rocking a red-orange color for her 2 front strands. We suggest using Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Orange and Red to achieve this look. You will have to bleach your strands to be able to see results.

Peakaboo Two-Tone Hair

Dua Lipa shocked the world when she first bleached half of her head whilst keeping the bottom part dark brown! Many followed this trend afterwards. Best part is, you can change the bleach blonde section for another temporary colour if you want to modify your look. Which is what she did during the lockdown of the pandemic. These top-bottom contrasting colours are fun because many can be seen rocking a ponytail and having a beautiful contrast.

Chunky Streaks

Want something less intense? Then add a few streaks on the bottom part of your hair. This is perfect if you have medium to long hair and you can add as many streaks as you like. Genelle Seldon had redish-purple streaks on her black hair. It gives a beautiful, subtle contrast that complements your features. We suggest using Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Wild Orchid to achieve this look.

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