Nourish Mask Snow Mushroom

March 2, 2021

What is vegan, silicone-free and nourishes your hair? The new Nourish Hair Mask from AG Hair! Here are more information for AG Hair’s new nourishing hair mask.


The new main ingredient used in the mask is the Snow Mushroom Extract, which absorbs up to 500 times its weight in water and provides intense hydration to the hair. A rich, creamy shea butter base infused with nutritious super nutrients, including smoothing avocado oil, mango butter, chia and pumpkin and carrot seed oils, repairs dry, brittle hair and provides lush shine.Silicone-free and with more than 98% of ingredients of vegetable and natural origin.

masque capillaire impressionnant

The best part of this mask is that you can leave it on for as long as you’d like. Hair drier than usual? Keep it on for 30 minutes. That is what I did and noticed that the hydration and softness to my hair lasted until my next wash even after styling it straight with a hair iron. This hair mask is impressive and delivers lots of moisture to your hair. Its formula is weightless and its texture is not thick, which is great because it feels like a conditioner and makes for an easy spread around the hair. It doesn’t have an intense odor and it reminds me of their signature scent in their Repair line, where everything smells like an orange creamsicle! With plant-based ingredients, you can’t go wrong in choosing AG Hair products.

In conclusion, AG Hair has other specialized hair masks such as the Sterling Silver, a mask that is formulated for blonde, silver or highlighted hair, the Colour Savour for colored hair and the Reconstruct Restorative Mask which is formulated with vitamin C to strengthen the hair. Check them all out via our online store.

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