How to Achieve Natural Waves by Braiding Your Hair

February 25, 2021

Is one of your goals this year to make your hair healthy again? We have a wonderful technique that is perfect for those who want stylish hair without the damage that comes from heating styling tools. The secret is simple…braid your hair before going to bed!

Heatless curls are just a beauty night sleep away! The first step to obtaining beautiful natural waves, is to make sure you have freshly washed hair. Wash your hair as you normally would in the shower and blow dry it using a brush or your hands. It doesn’t have to be completely dry, it can be a little damp, that will work too. Make sure to put some anti-frizz products in your hair before blow drying if you have naturally frizzy hair. We suggest using the Eleven Australia Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz serum.

You will then split your hair into 2 sections on each side. Then you have 2 options, to start your braid at the root of your hair or you can also opt to starting them right behind your ears. It all depends on the amount of waves you would like to achieve. If you would like to have waves starting at your roots with a big amount of volume, then we suggest starting the braid at your root. If you are looking for something more natural and subtle, then we suggest starting the braid mid-length of your hair (behind your ears).


If your hair looks messy and has lots of fly-aways when it is braided, do not worry, that is ok because they haven’t been styled or tamed yet. We suggest going to bed with your braids and it doesn’t matter if you sleep in different positions because we will fix your end result the 

following morning.

photo credit @wolfiecindy sur Instagram

The next day, you can remove your hair elastics. Run your hair with a brush in order to comb away any knots. Apply some Trophy Shine + Texture Spray by R+Co in order to give your waves some grit and ultra shine. And voilà! Brand new wavy hair without the use of any styling tools!

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