Discover The New Hi-Lift Shades for The Perfect Blonde!

February 19, 2021

Rusk just launched their new Hi-Lift line. This line replaces their previous SL series. This is for all those who wish to have blonder hair. To perfect your blondes, they’ve created 3 new must-haves ultra high-lift permanent shades: balance of blueviolet and natural tones for illuminating color results.

The ideal pigment load neutralizes brassiness while providing powerful lift without bleach. It’s a one-step lightening and toning, up to 5 levels of lift. Which compared to regular colors, only provides 4 levels of lift. It is ideal for clients who don’t want harsh chemicals on their hair but deserve the perfect shade of blonde! And did we mention…there is 0 use of bleach!

The 3 different Hi-Lift shades are: BN Beige NaturalBB Beige Blue and BV Beige Violet. These colors are used for caramels and blondes but can also be used for someone looking to add streaks or a balayage. You also need to have natural hair color in order to achieve the best results with these hair colors. Having already colored hair will need to be removed with a color eraser and take much longer time to achieve your desired hair color.

They are rich, dimensional colors with Micro-Pigment Technology that seal and protect hair with marine nutrient complex which is what Rusk DeepShine is known for. It keeps your hair very soft which we all need after coloring our hair. They also have integral bond protection thanks to INUPRO Technology to help maintain the overall integrity of hair during lifting process.

Try the 3 new Rusk shades today!

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