Men’s Hairstyles for 2021

February 17, 2021

New year, new you… which also means new haircut! We have a few suggested hairstyles for you to get 

inspired from!


A style we have been seeing a lot ever since quarantine because most hair salons have been closed. When your hair grows fast and you need a quick solution…this might be it! In fact, we aren’t hating it. It’s a fresh look that will make you feel good about yourself! Plus, what better way to regain healthy hair than by starting with a clean canvas!

photo credit Zayn Malik Pinterest

photo credit Pinterest


The easiest way to go from bed head to polished is a slicked back hairstyle. Just grab some of your favorite gel or hair paste and slick it back with your fingers or using a comb. We suggest using the Must Man Stay Strong Gel or 

Power Flex Paste.


Messy hair has been getting popular during quarantine months and some have mastered making it look good. All you need is the right styling products in order to keep it under control and frizz-free. We suggest using Must Man Take Control Crafting Clay for this hairstyle in order to make it look like a “messy hairstyle” that is under control.

photo credit Pinterest

photo credit Pinterest


Hair growing out but you want to refresh it without cutting off too much? Try this hairstyle! Keep the top of your hair longer and then create a mid fade along the sides of your head. It’s the perfect in-between look for something casual or 

dressing up.

classic taper

A hairstyle that will suit just about any man, the classic taper! The one seen in this photo is medium length but can also be a little bit longer. It’s a very relaxed hairstyle, all you need is a bit of pomade and sweep your hair backwards or side to side. The key is to be able to play around with your hair.  We suggest using the Must Man Styling Hero comb for this hairstyle as well as one of their styling products.

crédit photo Pinterest

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