We Tested BabylissPro’s New Earth & Soul Curved Iron

February 15, 2021

Why on earth would you use a curved iron for you may ask? If you’re interested in knowing all the facts on the BabylissPro Nano Titanium curved iron then keep reading…

It’s distinct features that you notice right away, it’s C shape. The plates make the waves…did you know it also styles hair straight? Here are the many different ways you can use the curved iron:

A bend of the wrists creates soft, relaxed curves that are perfect for every day! For tighter waves, keep it close to your scalp and keep turning. This way you will build volume starting at your roots. You can also wrap your hair strands around one of the plates the same way as you would a curling iron, it works just the 

same way!

Soft waterfall waves are easy to achieve with this iron, simply twist and pull in one direction then pull the opposite direction. Keep alternating the position of the iron until you are all done. Then comb through your hair for a natural finish.

Straighten hair out like you would with any regular hair iron by turning the C style upside down and start at the scalp. Those deep curves add lift and volume. You an even give it a little bend at the end if you want your tips to be flipped out. The shape of the plates makes this iron fun to use!

Here are a few technological benefits of this product:​

As you can see, there are many ways to use this iron! I have to admit at first, I wasn’t quite sure how it would work but after playing around with it, you can find a bunch of different ways to style your hair thanks to this versatile iron! The touch of pink colour is their latest limited edition called Earth & Soul! So if you’re a lover of pink, grab this iron while you can!

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