5 Ways to Make Your Blowout Last Overnight

January 8, 2021

Are you someone who takes your shower in the evening? Spent a ton of money on a blowout and want to make it last at least a day or 2? We are going to share a few tips on how to say goodnight and good morning to your blowout the following day!

Getting a good blowout starts off
in your shower.​

We suggest using a clarifying shampoo to get your hair very clean. Some that we recommend: Oblivion Clarifying Shampoo by R+Co.


In addition, people with frizz can use a cream on damp hair, but only if your thermal protector doesn't offer this option. For example:
R+Co's Deep Dive Cream.

We also want to make sure we are using a heat protector that will speed up the blow-dry time. Some that we like are: Nioxin Therm Active Protector, Rusk Thermal Shine Spray or Fab.Me by Design.ME.

Use a Texturizing Spray

Following a blowout, it’s important to finish the look with a texturizing spray. This will give it hold and a lot of bouncy style. Use it at the roots all the way down to the ends. Stop using it for a few days then re-introduce it afterwards in order to refresh. We recommend using the KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR Flexible Texturizing Spray. After a few days, you can also use a dry shampoo lightly in order to get rid of oils such as Matrix Miracle Extender Dry Shampoo. ​

Use a silk pillow

Using a silk pillow is great for your skin but it is also good for your hair. It will help keep your blowout looking fresh. A silk pillowcase won’t crease nor make your hair all frizzy come morning time. We also suggest keeping your hair above your head while you sleep. Do not toss it to the side or tuck it behind your neck. By pushing it all above your head, this will ensure that you do not ruin your blowout.​

photo credit: Pinterest

Sleep with a ponytail

If you can’t find a silk pillowcase, we suggest sleeping with your hair tied up in a ponytail in order to keep everything into place. Try using a silk elastic, that way it won’t leave any markings, and tying it at the roots.

Stop touching your hair

One of the most important rules of them all would be this one: Stop touching your hair! Your hands are filled with dirt, oils and bacteria. We know it’s hard to do but the more you play with your hair, the more you are un-styling the blow-out you just got.

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