Boho Braids

September 28, 2020

The bohemian style has always had something eductive about it; over the course of the last few seasons, the fashion experts, on beauty and lifestyle have proved that the bohemian mood is far from over. There is a subtleness in this liberating choice of style that gives us the feels. Warm summer perfumes, lightweight dresses and hair that is bright – it’s like the boho style lives eternally. 

Even if you can’t go about the whole year in your printed maxi skirt, you can integrate subtle clues of this style on any occasion. With a new look from the festival favorites, Brittany Craig, stylist from Austin Texas, created a BOHO.BRAID tutorial for you this season. You’re new to braiding hair? With these 3 versions, she will make you discover different ways that change the end look for beginners, intermediate, or for experts.

Prep Work

With any style, products are an essential element in creating your look. For the BOHO.BRAID, Brittany started her prep at the shampoo bowl. Selecting ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE for her client’s hair type (colour-treated and fine-textured) she then applied BODY.BUILDER at the root and ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY throughout for added volume and hold. If your hair needs a little extra grip or you’re working on second-day strands consider adding FRESH.HAIR to give you a solid foundation to start. After braiding, have SESSION.SPRAY FLEX handy to secure your style, ease flyaways, and allow for a flexible finish.

Base Braid

This base of all three finished styles begins with two Dutch braids. If you’re new to braiding – Dutch braids are simply the reverse of a traditional French Braid with an underhand feeding technique as opposed to an overhand technique.


Create a base braid

Look 1

The 3-Stand Braid

Once you’ve completed the base braid, you can easily finish the look by continuing a 3-strand braid – either overhand or underhand.

Create a three-strand braid

Look 2

The Fishtail Braid

To finish this look and add a bit more finesse, opt for a fishtail braid throughout the ends of your length.

Create the fishtail braid

Look 3

Transition Braiding

For an even more intricate look, opt to use the length of the hair to create a few transitional braids. First, start with a four-strand braid and move into a rope braid.


Create a four-strand braid

Creating the Rope braid

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