My Thoughts on the All New BabylissPro Graphite + Titanium Collection

September 21, 2020

Every girl is on the hunt for the perfect hair iron. We want our hair to look silky smooth, healthy, and for the machines to work fast and easy. Babyliss has been around for a while and they have a pretty good reputation when it comes to their hair irons. They recently launched their BabylissPro graphite titanium line and I decided to give it a try.

 I was attracted to their flat hair iron because one side is the titanium plate and the other side, the graphite plate. I love that the whole line has this concept. When asked why the 2 different plates, they told me it’s to add shine to your hair.

Usually, it takes a very long time to straighten my thick and wavy hair, but with this flat hair iron, it didn’t take me as long. My hair wasn’t hot to the touch either which I really liked because my fingers did not burn while I was in the process of styling them.I kept the temperature on 375 and usually, I have to higher it to 450 but not with this powerful iron.

I love that all the product lines come with a silicone heat resistant mat…perfect for protecting your surfaces! My hair looked shiny after using this iron. I would recommend it to anyone. No pulling or tugging your hair with this hair iron, everything glides along perfectly.

All of their products are practical! Take for example their Ionic Curling Set. It comes with 4 interchangeable barrels: ½” a barrel, 5/8” barrel, an XL barrel, and ¼” barrel. Perfect for achieving any type of curls you desire. Why buy 4 separate products when you can have 4 in 1!

Curling iron set by BABYLISSPRO and the flat iron #BGT183UC

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