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September 10, 2020

Très Chic Bun

Step 1 Prep dry hair by spraying roots with DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo and rub the product into roots.

Step 2 Flip hair upside down and spray BALLOON Dry Volume Spray from roots to ends. While hair is still upside down, pull hair a high pony and tie it up with a scrunchie. (Note: A scrunchie creates more width and height than a regular elastic.)

Step 3 Place three pins under the bun as desired and to hold up any loose baby hairs.

Step 4 Warm BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste between fingers and pull out little pieces for added softness and texture.

Decorative Texture

Step 1 Refresh hair by misting BALLOON Dry Volume Spray all over + flip hair to one side, creating a deep side part.

Step 2 Place the Bobby Pins on the side with the part, then clip in the R+Co Pearl Snap Pin along the wave pattern.

Pinned Up Volume

Step 1 For a smooth, voluminous base, begin by applying TWO-WAY MIRROR Smoothing Oil and DALLAS Thickening Spray and blow-drying hair

Step 2 Apply BALLOON Dry Volume Spray, mostly in the back and in the crown, and tease at the roots with a comb or fingers.

Step 3

Gather hair back and pull it to one side. Then, gather hair in one hand and twist it up, creating an upward roll.

Step 4 Tuck four R+Co Pearl Bobby Pins into the roll, fastening it to itself.

Step 5  Finish with a generous mist of VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible Hair Spray for final look.

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