How to Get a Salon Blowout at Home

September 1, 2020

You know that feeling of having voluminous, smooth, and shiny hair when a skilled stylist is working their magic on you? What if you could recreate this feeling at home, as well as achieve the same results? Our newest launch, hair blow dryer brush, will do just that.

Always keeping in mind what tools we can offer to consumers that offer professional results all while being easy to use. We made sure to consider the most important criteria in the making of this tool. The hair blow dryer brush is a 2-in-1 tool that combines a round brush and blow dryer for an easy to achieve bouncy blowout. The tourmaline coated barrel generates negative ions and infrared heat to smooth hair and minimize frizz. The brush also features long nylon ball tip bristles that detangle and smooth out the hair. We also included short bristles to increase bounce, shine and polish for a salon quality look. 

The real game changer about this tool? The WEIGHT! At just .85 lbs, this brush is going to save your arms from getting tired and sore quickly.

For the best blowout you’ve ever done on your own, we recommend the following:

Use a heat protectant prior to using the tool, like the shield anti-humidity spray (we recommend this for finer hair types) or blockade heat defense serum (we recommend this for thicker hair types). This will save the integrity and health of 

your hair.


Then, turn on the tool by rotating the temperature control dial clockwise to your desired setting. If you have thicker hair or curlier hair in pattern, we recommend using a higher heat setting for your desired outcome.

Take a large section of hair and start brushing through. If you do have a thicker or curlier hair type, you may want to try slower passes to maximize the efforts of the brush. And, if you love your ends to curve in and frame towards your face, rotate the brush towards the end of the hair shaft to create that inward curve.

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