Miley Cyrus is Bringing Back the Mullet

August 24, 2020

We’ve seen glimpses of this mullet since January 2020. As soon as the lockdown pandemic hit, Miley went to her mom Trish, to cut her hair in order to maintain the mullet cut. Bright blonde with dark roots, her hair is short and messy in the front and longer at the back, exactly what a mullet should look like. We are totally getting 70’s vibes from Miley…and we aren’t hating it!


We love how this hairstyle compliments her look. It gives her edge, and that “cool” factor. Miley pulls off the look either by dressing up or dressing down.Her laid-back looks are more on the androgynous side, giving her more edge.

We love how effortlessly cool she looks. Her mullet is “au naturel” messy, giving off that “I woke up like this” look.

She also looks amazing when dressing up to the 9’s for an event.

Her hair is more polished and slicked back. Whoever thought a mullet could look this good?

How do you feel about her new mullet?

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